About Us


Dragon Fronto Leaf is a Tobacco Leaf Wrapper Distributor in Rockaway, New Jersey. We specialize in the best all-natural, organically grown tobacco leaf and guarantee our customer’s 100% satisfaction. We aim to give our customers a remarkable smoking experience by having a variety of flavors and closely observing the process. Giving tribute to the original natural flavor of the leaf, we’ve got Natural, Sweet and Palma flavored leaves; while also pioneering amazing new flavors by infusing our natural leaf with organic terpenes, our hottest flavors being a Kush and a Pineapple Blaze Leaf.

Our team ensures that every tobacco leaf wrap we provide is fresh and of high-quality, by paying close attention to every step of the procedure. We’re constantly inspecting our leaves, and monitoring the process throughout, so that our customers get the best leaf possible. We make sure a perfect leaf is placed and sealed correctly into every bag, that way we can guarantee our customers every puff and roll is a perfect experience. With Dragon Fronto prepare to enhance your experience!

 Our Mission

Dragon Fronto is committed to providing the BEST flavorful premium Fronto leaf in various tastes, all across the country. We do this by continually enhancing relationships between farmers, large tobacco companies, and independent tobacco wholesalers and tobacco users. We pride ourselves in producing premium, organic and all-natural tobacco leaf, but we also pride ourselves in innovating and bringing delicious new flavors to our loyal fans.

Roll the best smoke of your life with Dragon Fronto Leaf. Wholesale pricing available by contacting us today!

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