Dark Premium Whole Large Fronto Grabba Tobacco Leaf

What Is Fronto?

Fronto tobacco leaf has a long and rich history in the Caribbean dating back to the 1800s, and it is still a popular choice for cigar makers and smokers today. Fronto is a type of tobacco commonly grown in the Caribbean region and has been used for centuries by indigenous people of the region. It is a broad leaf variety of Nicotiana tabacum and its unique flavor and aroma make it a great choice for those looking to enhance their smokes. Still, it’s a widely misunderstood product, especially considering the fact that “fronto leaf” and “grabba leaf” are terms that are frequently used interchangeably. (Whats the difference between Fronto and Grabba?)

Fronto leaf is often a blend of different tobacco species, depending on the desired flavor profile, and the availability of the leaf. Flavor profile's of the leaf are affected by factors such as the weather conditions, the curing process, and the cultivation practices used. That's why the whole process of taking care of the leaf is an art that we at Dragon Fronto Leaf take very seriously!


What does fronto leaf taste like?

When smoking a cigar with fronto tobacco leaf, the smoke is typically described as light and sweet, with subtle hints of spice and earthiness. It has a deep smoky flavor with a rich aroma. The flavor of the leaf can also be enhanced with the addition of other herbs, terpenes and spices. The flavors of the fronto leaf can also be enhanced if it is aged, as aging helps to bring out the natural sweetness of the leaf.


How is fronto leaf made?

Fronto leaf is harvested from the plant when it is young, and it is then cured in a process that involves air drying, fermentation, and temperature & humidity control. The curing process helps remove moisture to bring out the flavor of the leaf, as well as preserve it for long-term storage. The leaves are then sorted by size and quality before being packaged. The process of preparing fronto tobacco leaf is an important part of the tobacco industry. It helps to ensure that the highest quality leaf is used and that the flavor of the leaf is preserved and remains fresh for a long time.


What is fronto leaf used for?

When using fronto tobacco leaf for cigars, the leaves are usually cut into smaller pieces and rolled into the desired shapes. The pieces are then wrapped in a binder leaf and then rolled in a cigar wrapper. This helps to keep the shape of the cigar and also helps to lock in the flavor of the leaf. Fronto tobacco leaf is known for being a versatile tobacco that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether it is used to make filler in hookah, cigars, cigarettes, or pipes, the unique flavor and aroma of the leaf can provide an enjoyable smoke.

In recent years, Fronto tobacco has become increasingly popular among cigar and blunt enthusiasts. It is prized for its strong flavor and aroma and is often used as a wrapper for premium blunts. Recently, its popularity has gone viral as the mixing of Fronto, or "Grabba" (Whats the difference between Fronto and Grabba?) with weed has become many smokers favorite smoke. Many smokers are also turning to Fronto to roll their herbs, over wraps like Backwoods, Swishers and Dutch Masters, as they find the smoke more enjoyable.  


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Dragon Fronto Leaf

Dragon Fronto Leaf are premium, dark, thick leaves that can be used for both wrapper and filler. With a large, perfect whole leaf, you get to decide how much you use and what you use it for. Plus, with our wide-selection of flavors and our innovative infusion of terpenes, prepare to enhance your experience!

Dark Premium Whole Large Fronto Grabba Tobacco Leaf

Here at Dragon Fronto Leaf LLC, we believe that every customer deserves to not only enjoy high-quality tobacco leaf wrappers, but also great customer service. Thus, as one of the leading tobacco leaf wrapper distributors in the USA we strive to make our products the best!

Dark Premium Whole Large Fronto Grabba Tobacco Leaf
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