How to Rehydrate Whole Leaf Fronto Tobacco

How to Rehydrate Whole Leaf Fronto Tobacco

You might find that your tobacco leaves can start looking a little dry or stale over time, but this doesn’t mean you should throw them out. You can still enjoy them just fine with the right methods and techniques!

Below, we’ve made a list of ways to bring your tobacco leaf wrap back to life and enjoy its flavor-packed insides.

Here are a few ways that you can rehydrate whole leaf tobacco:

  • Spray with Distilled Water

    Not just average water — distilled water. Layout your tobacco leaves and gently spray them until they’re damp. After they absorb the water, they will become nice and lively again.

  • Buy a Steamer
    You can buy this from most big box stores. They’re typically used to remove wrinkles from clothing, however, there’s no reason you can’t use them to rehydrate your fronto leaves, too!
  • Pat with a Damp Towel
    Gently patting your tobacco leaves with a damp paper towel can also help rehydrate them. After a few rounds, your leaves should start to look more supple.

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