Does Fronto Leaf Expire?

Does Fronto Leaf Expire?

If you may have noticed, cigarettes and tobacco packaging do not contain any expiration date. Generally, a cigarette or tobacco can still be in good smoking condition for years when left unopened and kept in proper storage. However, there is a reason why the law bans printing expiry dates on their packaging.

As a tobacco leaf wrapper dealer, we think that it is important that we share our insights and expertise regarding this subject.
Officially, tobacco and cigarette packaging must not display product expiry dates. The law decided to ban the display of product expiry dates on all cigarette and tobacco packages, due to the reason that this might mislead consumers into thinking that these products are safe to be consumed at any time before the expiry date.

Cigarettes and tobacco might not have an expiration date, but their quality will more likely degrade over time. Lighting up stale cigarettes can be extremely dangerous for your health. It might even cause coughing, sinuses, and inflammation of the lungs, and it can even lead to lung infections.

Old cigarettes and tobacco can also grow fungi which can trigger deadly lung infections and infect your brain and your entire nervous system.

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